March 8 -9 -10 & 11 2018

El Reto del Quetzal, is an endurance race which each athlete will be able to put their abilities to the maximum test. The race is designed for teams of two or individual. The modality in pairs, each participant must make at least one full stage.


The race will start in Antigua Guatemala and finishes 4 days later in Retalhuleu. At the end of the 4 days, accumulated times will be added up to determine the final results.

El Reto Del Quetzal has been designed for Trail Runner that are physically and mentally prepared. Runners will witness beautiful landscapes as they pass through mountains, tropical rain forests, and active volcanoes of Quetzaltenango.

The race course has various different types of terrain, from gravel, asphalt, single tracks, and forest.

Each stage of the race will feature two checkpoints where medical assistance, food and drinks will be provided to each athlete. Fruit, water, sandwiches, energy bars and energy drinks will be supplied at each checkpoint.

El Reto Del Quetzal offers 3 categories, (Individual Men, Individual Women and Teams of 2), These will be the official categories if and only a minimum of 5 teams sign up for each category. Individuals under 18 years of age will not be allowed to participate.

Prizes will be rewarded at the end of each stage to winners of that day. The leader of the race will also receive a prize daily. Jerseys will be given daily to the winners of each stage as well as the leader of the general classification. The winners of the general classification will receive a cash prize at the end of the race. The rest of the winners will receive other great prizes and surprises.

The race El Reto Del Quetzal was created to satisfy the hunger of extreme athletes and to share the beauty of our Guatemala.