• Age minimum: 18 years
  • Racers will compete in teams of two or solo.
  • All participants should be physically and mentally fit and in good health.
  • Each participant is responsible for their own registration considering that upon registration one automatically accepts the rules and conditions of the race.
  • The leader in each category is obligated to use the corresponding “leader jersey”.
  • Each participant should respect all transit signs as the race will pass through public routes.
  • The slower cyclist must always give way to the faster competitor.

Equipment and Gear:

  • Bike must be in good condition.
  • Each participant will be permitted to use only one bike throughout the race. Only under extreme or emergency cases will they be permitted to change bikes. (Shall provide evidence to support the change)
  • Participants are responsible for their bike maintenance.
  • Each participant will receive two numbers; one must be placed on the front of the bike and must be visible. The second number will be worn on the back of the jersey. Numbers must be worn throughout the entire race. The cost for loss of these numbers will be Q100 or its equivalent in US dollars.
  • Helmet must be worn at all times through the race.
  • Helmet to be worn must meet international security standards.

General Rules:

  • Race organizers reserve to make changes to rules as they see fit.
  • Third party mechanical support will not be permitted throughout the race.
  • Each participant must complete each stage before each cutoff time in order to remain in oficial ranking.
  • Participants will classify as finalist only upon completing the three stages within stipulated time.
  • Racers that abandon the race for their reasons or are expulse from the race will not receive a refund.
  • Participants are obligated to be in designated starting area 45 minutes prior to start time.
  • If for some reason a team member decides to retire from the race, the remaining member is permitted to take on another team member but will not be considered as an official finalist.
  • Participant must up hold respect to fellow competitors, organizers, judges and the general public at all times. Un-sportsmanlike conduct will be penalized.
  • Participants are obligated to respect the environment. All participants that violate this rule will be penalized: this includes throwing away trash in none designated areas. – All teams that decide to forfeit the race are responsible for notifying race judges as soon as possible.
  • It will be permitted to supply the competitors during the race, only when going uphill and, if you bring a car or motorcycle you must supply with your feet on the ground.
  • Categories will be opened if there is a minimum of 5 teams in it, if there are not enough teams to open a category, they will be registered in the previous category.
  • Race organizers reserve the right to prevent or to stop a racer from continuing on the race because he is not in optimal conditions.
  • All the participants has to sign 45 minutes before the start time with a judge every day.
  • To the teams that don´t register in a PC will be disqualified.
  • Lodging is not allowed to a third person in the room without having canceled its quota as companion.
  • It is mandatory for all participants to sleep in Antigua Guatemala on Wednesday. There will be no exceptions.
  • The team time will be of the last racer that crosses the finish line.
  • Bicycles are prohibited in the rooms.
  • All cyclists must pass over 50cm to the trail runner
  • Every cyclist must respect all the trail runner
  • All riders must announce to a pedestrian runner, in order to make a quick pass from the left.
  • It is mandatory to buy the insurance offered by the organization.

Participants that do not follow the rules will be penalized with time as described below:

  • Not respecting the environment or throwing trash in undesignated areas 60 min.
  • Not using helmet 60 min.
  • Violating traffic laws 60 min.
  • Team members separated by more than 5 minutes. 60 min.
  • Not wearing one of the official race numbers 30 min.
  • Receiving support from a third parties 60 min.
  • Not to announce to a pedestrian runner 60 min.
  • To pass within 50cm to a pedestrian runner 60 min.

Individuals or teams will be disqualified for the following:

  • Unsportsmanlike or behavior and disrespecting fellow competitor, judge, organizer or members of the general public.
  • Cutting race course or taking short-cuts.
  • Changing bikes: using more than one bike through out the race. (You can only change bikes under extreme circumstances)
  • Upon receiving two warnings for disrespecting environment or throwing trash in undesignated areas.
  • Upon receiving two warnings for not wearing a helmet.
  • Upon receiving two warnings for being more than 5 minutes apart from team member.
  • Not to respect the pedestrian racer


  • All complaints or protests must be written. Participant must obtain protest form from organizers, fill it out and submit it with a Q250 deposit.
  • All protests must be submitted no latter than one hour after crossing the finish line.
  • If the protest is valid, the deposit will be returned. If not, the race organizers have the right to withhold the deposit.


  • It is obligatory for each participant to upload their bicycle to the trucks, the organization is not responsible for any forgotten bicycle.
  • Respect the schedules of buses and trucks.
  • Respect the place of the start line, it is totally forbidden to throw trash, mistreat nature and make basic necessities outside the toilets. Those who do will receive a 60-minute penalty and up to disqualification.