Mayan Warrior

The true MAYAN WARRIOR (Eagle or Jaguar), now living, such as the past, do not seek or have control over other human beings, just from themselves.maya

That is their real strength, as long as man seeks power to control society, the MAYAN WARRIOR knows her strength to face the real battles of life, without fear, is control over himself.

And this time we give this award to the riders who have completed five editions of El Reto del Quetzal. During these years, they have shown that it is possible to achieve great challenges.

They would be part of an exclusive CLUB of riders who will have some benefits in future editions.

Complete only one edition of El Reto del Quetzal, it’s a great win and do it five times is a great example of COURAGE and BRAVERY!!!

This is a tribute from the organizers for their persistence and achievement.