About Guatemala

Guatemala : “Land of the Eternal Spring”

Guatemala, referred to as cradle of the Quetzal, the mythical feathered serpent (Quetzalcoatl) adored and referred to as Kukulcan by Mayans, is a land of variant and strange dimensions that harbors important treasures.

Guatemala is country of diverse landscapes. The tropical rainforest of the northeast is home to some of the most important archeological sites of the Mayan culture such as Tikal . While in plush green mountains of the plateau, one can witness true authentic Mayan communities that pride themselves in their culture displayed in their continued use of traditional dress and attire.

Guatemala is situated in Central America Its neighbors are Mexico on the north and west, and Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador on the east. Guatemalan offers beaches on the Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean Coasts.

The country is rather small, with a total surface area of 108,890 km² and estimated population of 15,300,000. Guatemalan culture consists of more than 21 different ethnic groups such as the Quiches, Mams, Kaqchiqueles and Tzutujils. And of the 23 existent Mayan dialects, the official national language is Spanish.

The warmth of its inhabitants is manifested in their smiles that are a clear sample of their incredible hospitality. Guatemala also offers to the visitors who seek adventure, the opportunity to practice a variety of extreme sports.

QUAHTEMALLAN: ” Land of trees “